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terms & conditions

Clause 1: under this contract the first party provides the shop to tenant for display and sell their products.

Clause 2: The second party (the tenant) cannot rent the shop to any sub-contract without a written approval from the first party.

Clause 3: The tenant may not change the mentioned activity in the contract without a written approval from the first party.

Clause 4: The tenant may not, without the permission of the leaser, cause any change without the permission of the leaser.

Clause 5: The second party is not entitled to offer, sell or add any product other than the agreed in contract by both parties.

Clause 6: The Tenant shall comply with the laws of the Qatar regarding the protection of trademarks and brands and tenant will not sell any product or a brand which is not registered under the name of the tenant and the tenant is committed to provide uniform clothing for all workers in the shop.

Clause 7: The tenant must not harass the shop staff for visitors. (such as calling by fictitious names physically contact or forcing them to purchase)

Clause 8: With reference to the Consumer Protection Law and the resulting irregularities in Qatar, the sold goods may be  exchanged or refunded within two days from purchase’s date if there is a purchase invoice provided which will be distributed by the first party and with the condition that the goods are not used or damaged clothes.

Clause 9: The exhibitor is obliged to place prices on all the goods in his possession clearly and in case of non-compliance, the exhibitor will be violated by the inspectors of the ministry who are present on a daily basis within the exhibition hall.

Clause 10: The Tenant shall keep the Commercial Unit (Leased Premises) open to the public and trade continuously throughout the opening and opening hours specified by the fayre to tenants and the public. In case of failure to keep the leased eye open for active trading continuously during trading hours, the Leaser shall be entitled to impose a closing fine, QR 500 for each day or part of the day may keep the leased eye closed to the public.

Clause 11: The Tenant undertakes to use the Leased Premises as agreed upon and to use them according to what has been prepared for him.

Clause 12: The exhibitor shall adhere to the silver stamp and accessories available to him. In case of non-compliance, the bidder shall be inspected by the inspectors of the ministry who are present on a daily basis within the exhibition hall.

Clause 13: The Tenant shall abide by the general conditions, literature, regulations and regulations under which the Bazar is managed under the supervision of the Bazar Administration.

Clause 14: The tenant shall not increase or change the extended electrical supply to the shop without approval of first party.

Clause 15: The exhibition will be open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on all days of the week except Fridays the timing will be from 04:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Clause 16: Entering goods to the exhibition’s hall will be only allowed everyday from 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Clause 17: The first party have all the rights to terminate this contract without notice if the tenant breaches any Clauses of this contract.

Clause 18: First party and their employees strictly have to follow the closure or opening timing of the event.

Clause 19: This contract shall be considered as an executive bond under which the first party may terminate the contract and terminate the lease without notice or warning or recourse to the court in the event of the second party delaying payment of any payment on the due date. The second party (the lessee) agrees to this agreement.

Clause 20: This contract has been issued in Arabic and English, in case of dispute between the parties, the contract text shall be adopted in Arabic.

Clause 21: The Rental Disputes centre in Qatar is settled/ Specialized to any dispute between the parties.

Clause 22: This contract has been issued in two copies.